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Rony Keren investes by companies in various fields such as yielding real estate, enterprises and land. The activity is characterized by either personal relationships or small, high quality groups.

Our clients join us out of trust, based on recommendations and word of mouth, as well as our personal acquaintance with each and every one of them. Chemistry and the personality of the people involved are a top priority.

We locate potential real estate transactions in two preferred locations: Tel Aviv and London, UK. The timing and selection of location derive from real time local market trends.

The selection of preferred investment locations is based on multi dimensional thinking which takes into account a stable, democratic government, the language, the nation's security level, currency considerations, the transparency and stability of the taxation and legal systems and their attitude toward foreign investors, real estate registration systems,payment ethics, financing options, the professionalism and dedication level of various service providers (such as real estate brokers, management firms and maintenance companies) and the important factor of physical accessibility.

We offer a complete umbrella which includes all of the complementary aspects: asset location and examination, acquisition negotiations, financing, legal support, management, marketing and maintenance - all as a major, leading partner.

For many transactions, reaction time is extremely significant, particularly when highly appealing assets are involved. Some of the transactions are carried out with no bank based funding, as a result of our clients' assistance in financing. Combined with our vast experience, the fact that external funding is not necessarily required is a major factor in closing transactions quickly and efficiently.


Rony Keren, born 1955, second generation to a family who has been professionally investing in property such as agricultural lands, entrepreneurship and income property since the late 60's.

Rony, married + 1, has continued the family business and in 1995, he has expanded the business' portfolio also to London.

Throughout the years, Rony has served as a director in several boards and is also a member of the IDC.

Our professionalism and reliability have proven themselves throughout the years;






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